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This is the (code) language your children and their children (cuz they got 'em) Speak, in this digital age of text messaging and gaming. You should get hip to it if you wanna understand 'em.

I put it all together, it is called acronymish! t $ husluh yah thats rite!
Honey would you please bring the car home I have to work tommorrow...???????? LMAOAU YATSPOAT IAFBT YARML! I HATE YOU! What is she saying honey? I dont know Bill its like uhm.....acronymish

translation: laugh-my-ass-0ff-at-you, you-are-the-stupidist-parent-of-all-time, I-am-fucking-Billy-tonight! You-are-ruining-my-life! I hate you
by T$-HUSLUH! June 04, 2011

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