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Acronym for AND CIRCLE GETS THE SQUARE or ACGTS. It was a popular retort for scoring a point on the 1970's (and current incarnations) of the popular, quasi-celebrified game show Hollywood Sqaures. Now, more popularly used among the ironic set. Spoken or in print form. It should be used as an alternative to FTW and EPIC. Especially useful in ironic converational ejaculations .
Dick: OMG! I just figure out that Niles, the guy who played Kelsey Grammer's brother on NBC's Frasier is gay?! LOL. :?

Pat: ACGTS! Not that there's anything wrong with that, BTW.


Clyde: This guy online wants to meet IRL. He describes himself as VGL. But I bet he's exaggerating and is not HWP.

Michea: ACGTS! Everyone knows VGL really means troll.
by NixonSinatra June 13, 2010
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