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An airplane that has the ability to fly in orbit, and also cannot be shot down. This aircraft reports enemy location and dirrection and has the weaponry of a standard AC130, (including 25mm chain guns, 40mm bofors auto cannon and 105mm howitzer). The 105mm cannon shoots tacticle nukes and forces a non stop continuation of engagement for 10 minutes. Chris f is the only person to have the AC-1BlackBird and the aircraft is programmed to search for and termination of person(s) of the name(s) LovingCanadian, Polar x Venomz, Polar Cobalt, TDM Vision, SKITTL3S UPURS and Ratatat 53. You may run but you cannot hide.
Chris- lol this will be fun....
Enemy Team- @*!$%#*##@!&$%&^....Leaves
by Origional AC-1BlackBird September 23, 2011
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