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When you decide to markdean taking a crap on the toilet facing the wrong direction. Much like how AC Slater sits in a chair when he's at the Maxx.
I had to markdean so bad but I wanted to read the poster behind the toilet so I decided to take an AC Slater. Afterwards my knees were bruised much like Lambourn's.
by clarksd September 08, 2006
taking a shit sitting on the toilet facing the opposite direction the way A.C. Slater sat in Saved By The Bell when he ate at The Max
Im going to A.C. Slater so that i can take a shit and do my homework at the same time
by Branny Pakistani November 12, 2007
Taking a dump on the toilet opposite from the traditional way. Its named after A.C. Slater from Saved By The Bell for the way he used to sit in his chair backwards.
When someone walked in on me while I was taking a dump while sitting backwards on the toilet, I casually explained that I was just AC Slatering it up, just like A.C. Slater sat in Saved By The Bell
by Kyle Berry January 06, 2008
Verb (V) The art of sitting on the toilet backwards while you take a shit.

Derives from the series "Saved by the Bell" in which the character ACSlater would often sit backwards on his seat.
"Yesterday I was ACSlatering it at my girlfriends house, but I forgot to lock the door and her mother walked in on me midway"
by coresnake November 11, 2007
Taking a dump facing the opposite direction on the toilet. AC Slater from "Saved By The Bell" was known for sitting backwards in his chairs, so one only naturally assumes this was also how he pooped.
I took an A.C. Slater so I could rest my laptop on the back of the toilet and watch a movie. It was incredible.
by JJKOOLKID April 25, 2011
You call someone A.C. Slater when referencing they are an "ass Clown", because they have screwed somethin up.
We can't go to the bar tonight because A.C. Slater over here forgot his ID.
by CoralReefer April 18, 2008
That fine specimen of a jock from saved by the bell. Usually sporting the most up to date fashion items and greasey mullet to boot.
Girl 1: "AC Slater is soo hot"
Girl 2: "Hands off his cheesey smile belongs to me!"
by Matt and Fay April 05, 2004
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