the bsest fuckin italian soccer team there is alive.. it beats alll those gay fuckin british teams like gay manchester united
tony:yooo man im goin to see the a.c milan game
jorge:me too they are goin to kick those gay man u fags
by lil pint April 25, 2005
Top Definition
The best football team. Period.

Some like to complain they're too boring. These usually supporters of the team AC smashed and don't realize that teams play to win, not to entertain their "goals only" attitudes.
AC Milan wins again.
by Forza Italia December 08, 2004
Is in fact the worst Italian football team, and is best by all British football teams, including those not in the leagues.

Guy 1: Hey, Bitch!
Guy 2: Whatever, you suck cock like A.C Milan.
by RedRevolver November 24, 2006
Twice in Serie B (Second Division).
Once "paying" (condemned for selling matches), once for free (that is, well deserved).
Doing much better since the arrival of a well-known convict, but it's just a question of time.
"I heard that AC Milan was so bad that once played in the second division, is that true ?" - "No, it actually happened twice".
by skinn January 07, 2005
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