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Greatest band ever, had the second best selling album in the 80's (Back in Black) which is also the 3rd best selling album of all time. Lost the greatest lead singer ever on February 19, 1980 (Ronald Belford "Bon" Scott).
posers are retarded, don't wear an AC/DC shirt with a song or album name on it if u've never heard that song or u can't name a song on that album
by Justin Burnell April 15, 2006
There The Best Fuckin band in the world.
there the best. And not Bisexuel

by acdcrock July 06, 2007
The band that brought the school boy uniform into rock n roll.

Has famous, extremely will known songs like "Highway to Hell" "Money Talks" "You Shook Me All Night Long" "Back in Black" "TNT" and great covers on "Baby Please Don't Go" and "Loch Lomond". Broke the best-selling barrier by selling over 40 million albums of "Back in Black".
Man "Hey, have you heard the song ""Back in Black" by "AC/DC?""

Woman "No I haven't"

Man "That's it. No food for a week"

Woman "Yay!"
by Tom "the Silly Leper" Miller March 23, 2009
AC/DC: One of the greatest rock bands in the world. Members include Angus young,Brian Jonson, Cliff Williams, Phill Rudd, And Malcom Young. Sometimes mistaken to be bisexual and satanistic. Their name came from the electrical term alternating current / direct current and represents their high energy rock 'n' roll.
"Have you heard the song "High Voltage Rock n Roll" by AC/DC?" "It's the Best!"
by Rock n Roll Train October 01, 2009
Not only a rock band but also an

Acronym for: Asians Cant Drive Cars.
Wow that guy almost hit me! That just proves AC/DC !!!
by Klanda April 11, 2009
The single greatest band in music history. no band is better
"did you hear AC/DCs Rock n Roll Train"
"Yea it's AWESOME"
by Angus512 February 03, 2010
a slang word for bisexual
"Did you hear that she's gone AC/DC?"
by haylzzz April 22, 2006