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As A Matter Of Fact
A: Did you see Matrix:Revolutions yet?
B: Yes, AAMOF, I saw it the day it came out.
by shapeshifter October 15, 2003
As A Matter Of Fact.

AAMOFly - As A Matter Of Factly

Used when being a smart ass. Mostly used when txting or over the internet.
guy1: "wow, no one has my name, lol"

guy2: "I know 20 Brians AAMOF"

guy1: "STFU fag"

by JohnJacobJingleHimer Schmit February 17, 2008
as a matter of fact

used for online gaming (specifically runescape cuz i made it up and thats wut i plays!)
dude 1: hey u wouldnt happen to have an abby whip for sale would u? ill buy 1.8m!!!!

dude 2: aamof i do! *trades*

dude 1: tyvvm!!!

dude 2: idiot they only worth 1.1m!
by Deathzilla7 December 23, 2007
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