Army and Air Force Exchange Service
Wait a sec, is it (AAFES) pronounced ay-fees or ay-fis?
by TheTiger May 25, 2005
Top Definition
Army Air Force Exchange Service
lets go shop at AAFES theres no taxes
by Joseph July 29, 2004
Asian American Female Employment Services
My girls Laquita,Maria,and Britnney applied for a job at the AAFES and the fuckers wouldnt hire them.
by XBOX SUCKS February 02, 2008
Pronounced "ay-feez"; acronym for Army and Air Force Exchange Service. A military department store similar to Wal-Mart, Target, JC Penney, or the like. Merchandise varies from store to store, and many offer name-brand items lower than the general retail price. (E.g., Coach purses) AAFES also imposes no sales tax. This is to provide a benefit to service members and their families, many of whom are often underpaid when compared to their civilian counterparts.
"AAFES' mission is to provide quality merchandise and services at uniformly low prices."
by ltnbrn May 30, 2006
A great place to work if you enjoy having to deal with BMW's(big military wifes) and managment that treat their employees like garbage. Terrible place to shop for clothes, awful selection.
Today I went to the PX to buy some clothes but all they had was ugly ghetto hip-hop clothes and Tommy Hilfiger rags! screw Aafes!
by jukejointjezebel August 10, 2006
Army Air Force Extortion Society. Since military bases are always in the middle of nowhere sometime these cock suckers run up the price on a few necessary items.
The fucking barber at Grand Forks used to charge eight ninty fucking five for a hair cut, and they still fucked it up. The goddamn Army Air Force Extortion Society AAFESstrikes again.
by angryboy July 23, 2006
Army/Air Force Exchage Service. Where all the military trash shop because they think it's cheaper because it's tax free, but it's usually no cheaper/a bit more expensive than the regular stores.
Why do you want to shop at AAFES? Target is better.
by AMK17 June 05, 2005
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