In the 1980's if you wanted to be sarcastic and indirect with your curse f$&@ you
Nice shoes dork! ..... Yeah whatever A1 buddy a1!
by Silverbass December 10, 2014
Fully compliant with all requirements and expectations.
Tamzin Outhwaite
by Laurence Fowler November 23, 2002
1. An easy way to name a company

2. The first word in the Urban Dictionary
1. A1 Roofing, A1 Grocery, A1 Adhesive
by Dr. Seuss, PhD July 27, 2011
a steak sauce
can i have some A1 for my steak?
by obi-wan kenobi December 24, 2002
Avondale distric in Cincinnati; a drug infested location
Bra, were u from?
A 1 all day.......
by Tia Da Natti All Day May 10, 2008
some good pussy
ey yo she got some that A1 shit!
You know A1 is always good on the meat.
by vonnie June 11, 2003
A quality steak sauce, but even though it's called a steak sauce, it shouldn't be limited to just steak.
Pass the A1.
by Jonathan O. July 04, 2003

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