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Stands for Aint Shit Nigga. Word used to reference someone (particularly a boyfriend) with no job, no car, and no money.
I'm so tired of having to support my boyfriend while he watches cartoons.

Yeah, you always seem to attract the A.S.Ns
by adrenaline144 November 15, 2009
An 'ain't shit nigga' - one who is good for nothing, cannot be relied on, or trusted
Rob found out Jermain stole money from his wallet. 'That's an ASN move, BIGTIME.' he thought.
by Jonestradamus December 17, 2010
Short for Assassin, a character in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction characterized by using stationary traps to kill enemies then run. Generally regarded with a mixture of fear and disgust unless of the martial arts variety, which is rare.
"hey dude can you get your asn i want to tg this nking mofo we finally got down"
by Shadowfyoory April 04, 2004
A Snitch N*gga
Chief Keef: A snitch n*gga (ASN) that's that sh*t i don't like.
by omg.jelani May 27, 2015
Actually Smiling Now, to be used in texts, instant messages and quick notes. However can only be used when actually smiling.
ASN that was sweet of you
by birdhouseenthusiast January 12, 2011
Age, Sex, Name. Used on omegle
heey x asn?
Hi 47 m george u?
by lollipop927t2972 August 29, 2010
Arm Sock Nation. A little known gang from Livonia, Michigan. Founded when matching arm socks were bought by the two founding members, Octo and Travis. This gang has it's own personal set of slang created over time, which can now be found in the Urban Dictionary. They are (or have been) at war with Insane Beaver Clan, and an unnamed gang formed by a yeti (as defined by Octo).
A.S.N. is so strong, they're like a family. And not the lame kind like a Juggalo family, but the strong kind.
by --Octo-- May 28, 2008
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