Anally Infected Dick Sindrome
I was so drunk and high and tired after 4 hours of orgy fucking that I fell right asleep after cumming up some guys ass. I hadn't used a condom, and I never even cleaned up.

The next morning, I pissed a poop plug out of my pecker head, and it stung really bad. It was all red, and thick yellowish puss came oozing out. Three months later, I found out I had A.I.D.S. Why did God let this happen to me?!
by Peter Eaton November 21, 2006
Top Definition
Anally Inflicted Death Sentence

originally coined by the speed-metal group, M.O.D. or Method of Destruction in 1987.

Lead singer, Bill Milano, is an outspoken insult comic, who once fronted the ultra-conservative, thrash band, S.O.D. or Stormtroopers of Death, which relased the album Speak English or Die (1986). The other three members of S.O.D. were also in Anthrax, Scott Ian and Charlie Benante, and/or Nuclear Assault, Dan Lilker.
Anally Inflicted Death Sentence
A.I.D.S. (2x)
That's what you get for having a penis up your ass....etc.
by Assex 776 September 05, 2007
Alcohol Induced Diarrhea Shits. The kind of diarrhea you can only get the day after consuming large quantities of alcohol. Having this type of diarrhea is nearly as bad as contracting the disease.
Joe had such bad A.I.D.S. after that party last night he had to call in sick to avoid work.

Better chill on the vodka, you'll have A.I.D.S. tomorrow!!!
by MTBTrigger October 08, 2009
Another Infected Dick Sucker
If you are a man who enjoys sucking your own shit off another mans dick (not to mention sucking the shit of countless other dumpster thumpers off that very same dick) while at the same time being force fed all the sperm that your face cunt can choke down you stand a good chance of contracting a disease commonly known as A.I.D.S. , which by all the laws of nature would make you Another Infected Dick Sucker. NOW GO GET A FUCKING BREATH MINT FAG !!!
by amanda huginlick March 10, 2010
Arse Infected Dick Suspected. A condition inially caused by a man putting his tail up a monkeys bum then sticking it up another mans bum. Then someone invented "gay" and loads of men started putting their winkles up others mens bums, and there you have it.... A.I.D.S.
The disease can be associated with the transfer of ejaculate from a gentlemans penis into another mans anus thus causing the transfer of the disease A.I.D.S.
by Davy Garew April 06, 2011
Its what a man gets when he has a penis in his ass..

Thats what you get for having a penis up your ass... You should have used a condom.
by Frank Cesaro March 13, 2005
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