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the acronym for A.Douche.In Disguise
used for when a guy does not appear to be who they say are and in reality just another douche trying to get in some chicks pants
me: he seems nice
best friend: are you sure he's an A.D.I.D?
by litobunnybunny February 12, 2008
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ADID- Attention Deficit Impulsivity Disorder

Attention-Deficit/Impulsivity Disorder - ADID - is characterized by inappropriate degrees of impulsivity both physical and/or verbal. Adults with ADID - Attention-Deficit/Impulsivity Disorder - can be typically:



prone to infidelity
difficulty following through on commitments
hyperactive imagination


Due to his constant bout with his ADID condition, Stephan often found himself in compromising situations with strange women, despite the best of his relentlessly noble intentions.
by Manny Sty April 25, 2010

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