A Town is short for Allentown, PA.
I live in A TOWN Pennsylvania.
by PipPipper March 18, 2006
A term of agreement.

To agree.
You want to go to the movies? ATown!
by CheapSuits July 05, 2005
Aledo, Texas.

Or, any town whose name starts with the letter A. Most of the time, its the white kids pretending to be black.
Brewer kid: "So where do you go to school?"

Aledo kid: "A-town, babayh!"
by frickin' A, man! June 07, 2005
austin texas. famous for 6th street, congress bridge, st andrews school etc
im hittin up a town this weekend.
by Will May 12, 2004
slang for almaden valley
lets roll up to a town, shits always bumpin there.
by slug May 30, 2004
Arlington County Virginia

Embodying the real estate bubble since 1997.

Bluest County in a Red State.
Alayna: So how's A town?
Jose: Kickin
by Royola April 27, 2005
A town is the nick name for Anchorage, Alaska.
Person 1: Where do you live?

Person 2: A town baby!
by Seawolves April 29, 2005

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