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a)A player's(or his lesser counterparts) best game, one usually brings his A game when the women are more attractive and therefore a greater challenge. Derived from the letter grade in school, "A"

b)The term can also be used for other definitions of game
a)"didn't get her number?"
"She just didn't see my A game"
"She didn't see your B or C game either."

b)"better bring your A game for the halo tournament"
by vargaszm October 16, 2006
To do your best possible in any endeavor; not just in sports.
Ya'll dudes better come wit it, i mean, bring ya a-game and shit.
by cute4rmday1 September 22, 2005
To be on top of your A game means to be prepared for a hook up. To be shaven, clean, and ready to go.
Liz my A game is amazing tonight! I cant wait to get it in!
by Aslut69 March 17, 2011
Another name to describe people from Northern Ethiopia, aka the Tigray region.

The word 'Agame' can also be used in the context of someone being stingy/greedy/hungry.
For Example.

Excuse me, can you please be quiet you Agame.

Give me some money you Qomal Agame.
by ERIPOWER May 03, 2010
To look the best you possibly can for a particular situation.
Erica brought her A-game to work today.
by AMP1 March 29, 2014
To a-game someone: To try it on with a girl.

A persons a-game: Their effort in trying it on OR the person which they are trying to get in with.

a-gaming: Chatting to a girl with the sole purpose of trying to get in their pants.

The A-Game: the art of trying to pull

A-game ON!: an expression used by others when they spot their mate on the a-game
That twat won't stop a-gaming my missus

Look at him, he's blatently on the a-game!
by My name starts with H September 01, 2007
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