A cups are the best boob size! For everyone thinking A cups are small, they are actually very big, and you are jealous because you're either flat-chested or you have like big fat saggy boobs.
Hawt Guy: Whoa, man! Check out that chick! Her boobs are huge! I'll bet she's an A cup!
Other Hawt Guy: Yeah! She's totally hawt!
by Candygirl23 February 19, 2007
Woman with little to no breasts
"DAMN NIGGA! Look at da hoe! She got smalla A-cups den me!!"
by Mike October 29, 2003
bra cup size that is so small you have to wonder why she even bothers to buy one let alone ear it.
She must be an A-cup, her nipple and her breast are one and the same
by Junior January 05, 2004
The smallest breast size a girl can have. Very small boobs. Being flat chested.
Rachel had such small breasts people thought she was a boy.

Tracey got breast implants and went from size A-cup to size D-cup and was much happier. All the boys liked her then.
by D girl November 30, 2004

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