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A sad romance movie starring Mandy Moore as Jamie Sullivan, and Shane West as Landon Carter.
(based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks)

**If you watch it, make sure you have a box of tissues handy.**

It's the story a lot of good girl meets bad boy, and bad boy falls for girl.

Several people have said Shane West would have made a good Edward in Twilight. The relationship and chemistry Jamie and Landon had, and the love story in general.
Rachel: Have you seen "A Walk to Remember?"
Nikki: Yes! Shane West is SO hawt!
Rachel: I loved it! It was so sad, I cried!"

Nikki: Wouldn't Shane have made a good Edward in Twilight?
Rachel: Yeah, too bad he isn't like 10 years younger.
by jessisayswhat? June 24, 2009
a film used to make people cry. if you want to cry just watch this film.
damn im feeling so depressed today...time to get out a walk to remember...
by muna05 October 05, 2008
A movie that everyone should see...
a walk to remember stars Mandy Moore and Shane West.
by people March 18, 2005
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