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An awesome, cool girl. Someone you wanna hang out with. Someone who also makes perverted typos by accident, but it's ok because you can always have a laugh about that. She's a complete bfflzomgz.
She's a total Alicks, I wanna hang out with her!
by tobikuma February 05, 2010
15 4
Taking a niggas shit
E-40 Dusted N Disgusted
So let me find me a nigga with a grip
And hit his ass quick with one of them licks
(What's the definition of a lick?)
Taking a niggas shit
(Hey put that on sumthin)
I put that on The Click, The Click
by a nigga like me January 25, 2013
13 5
1. The most ninja man of all the ninjas in the entire ninja world. So epic and amazingly fat yet short. A ninja in the most unomprehensible ways
2. A random druggie/ crackhead who hangs around nightclubs doing nothing but staring at the stars
OMG look at that alick
by Megamama May 20, 2011
8 6
A lick of Lesbians. Three or more lesbians hanging out together. Much like a gaggle of geese or a pack of wolves
Where's suzy tonight?

She's out at the bar, hanging with a lick...
by homebetty August 30, 2010
4 13