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A Charlie Sheen is an enormous outrageously excessive kitchen-sink like cocktail of alcoholic and chemical intoxicants which will without any doubt immediately kill anybody whose heart does not pump Charlie Sheen's tiger blood, and which will surely be responsible some day for killing its namesake as well.

Often otherwise known as “a suicide” or "a 911".

Often served by hookers who plan to later steal your wallet.

Children, do not try this at home. Immediately call 911 if you even hear someone discussing let alone preparing a Charlie Sheen.
Coroner’s report: Just one more idiot who either was suicidal or who said to himself, “Ya, that makes sense to me, I got tiger blood too; I think I’ll make myself a Charlie Sheen”.
by Ur Daddie March 01, 2011
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Verb. The action of taking more cocaine than the lethal dose of a normal sized, middle aged human could take, and surviving.
Did you hear? Gregg did a Charlie Sheen last saturday! He's lucky to be alive.
by garunas March 14, 2011
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