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Typically a name for the male species, can also be used to describe the act of wearing knee-high fishing boots, sticking the back legs of a four legged animal to prevent escape, then fucking the living shit outta them
"oh man!! Did you hear that noise last night?"

guy #2 "Oh yeah! I gave my dog a scott last night, and he wouldnt shut up"
by 1acacac234 September 24, 2007
16 5
the state of drowsiness before you fall asleep.
Dude, your so drunk your almost ascott!
by Maisyn Tollefson September 27, 2007
4 8
Ascott is a beautiful girl who looks the best with her glasses on. Scared to take them off. Great body, good in bed and gives you a hard on everytime you see her.
Did u meet Ascott cause shes great.
by Fico January 04, 2004
9 17