a little short piece of a joint (weed). it's the part that left that u usally leave in the ashtray.
i don't have any money for weed. but i have an ashtray full of ducks.
by ms.rain July 21, 2005
when someone farts into their hand and then quickly puts it over another persons nose!!
(After doing it) 'Ha ha! You got ducked mate!!!'
by Maz August 27, 2004
The theme song of a show that tried to rip off the Mr. Ed Talking Horse show, which had a theme song that goes "A horse is a horse, of course, of course..."
"A duck is a duck, it sucks, it sucks..."
by Dmorg October 29, 2003
Someone with no common sense. May be derived from the idea that people weighed beside a duck were made of wood.
You got hit by a car. You're a duck!
by supercar November 25, 2003
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