When an all-american white girl realizes with a start the moment that she is romantically in love with a african american male.
Abby finally had her black moment, but by that time Marcus had died in a car crash.
by anonymous March 14, 2005
Top Definition
When you have a moment of ghettoness. or say something really gangsta.
1.You knew she was gonna have a black moment when you saw her foot long nails and her mouth about to open....

2.Tracy had another blck moment today. This time she was bobbing her head like a chiken while she said "Oh no you dit-int"
by Insane Nu Yawka July 18, 2005
When a black person who is highly educated and speaks the queen's English reverts to ebonics.
James was in the middle of his disertation when he said axed instead of asked. It was such a black moment!
by Jimmy Stevens July 29, 2005
When somebody who hasn't been known to behave black suddenly gives a very bad attitude or a compliment in a way that black people are infamous for.
It was quite a surprise to see Jinette having a black moment when she got into a car accident that wasn't her fault telling off the drunk driver.
by Kirk Lawrence July 03, 2006
noun. -- A moment in time in which an individual (during recollection) feels shame or guilt over an action they have performed in their past.
In conversation:

Juan: You 'member esé when you fucked your landlord to pay the rent? 'member yo, it was last week?

Pedro: Si, that was a black moment for me holmes. Why you always gots to bring stupid shit up?
by donlugohidalgo August 05, 2005
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