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A bag of 2 or more cats, which is very noisy due to the cats fighting to escape the bag.

"Hey, what the hell is that noisy thing moving around on the ground?" Person A

"Oh that? It's just a bag of cats" Person B

"Huh... that's a little odd don't you think?" Person A

"... yeah... I guess a little..." Person B
by Patrick Dugovich April 10, 2007
The noise two women make when they argue/engrossed in an enthusiast conversation.
Shut up the pair of you, you're like a bag of cats
by pougle October 05, 2006
Default term for when you need to reference an unknown, undetermined, or wildly irregular fetish. To be used as a placeholder and/or euphemism for said fetish.

Also known used in the long form "punching a bag of cats"
Jane: To have a good relationship you need to be open about everything that you're into.

Tom: But what if you're into punching a bag of cats?

Jane: Well that's something your partner would need to consider, isn't it?
by speyriver June 02, 2011