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A band from El Monte,CA that has heavy metal shred, catchy hooks, and an amazing stage performance. Songs inlclude Fatty Fatty, Allison, Tuesday, and many more.
Rocker A: Dude I went and saw A Welcome Distraction play live. Their guitar player gets off stage and goes out into the crowd. The drummer is kicks a$$, and their singer is all over the stage. It's amazing. The bass and guitar player even start headbanging during some songs.

Lame Rocker: Wait, who?

Rocker A: You know, "You're my Fatty Fatty two by four".

Lame Rocker: Oh yeah.

Rocker A: They rock out. Check out their website.

Lame Rocker: Says here next show is in two weeks.

Rocker A: We're going. You will not be dissatisfied.
#a welcome distraction #a.w.d. #awd #welcome distraction #fatty fatty
by Phoenix Whistler September 08, 2010
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