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Some one who puts hoe's before bro's.

Some one who is a discredit to all men because he his girl friend is a proven whore.

Some one who seeks approval of his peers often by being a follower.

Some one who tends to cry a lot.

Some one who over all is a pathetic piece of shit who will eventual end his life when his girl friend leaves him.
person a: hey can you believe that Jose started to cry when I told him she cheated on him?
person b: really?
person a: ya I found pictures on the internet and everything
person b: what a Steve
by Clif braum July 27, 2009
when attempting to take a goal in indoor soccer, you cross the keepers line after shooting the ball into the net - thus the penalty goal is disallowed. doing this 4 times in 1 game = A STEVE
Wow man you just did a steve , what were you thinking
i hate my team and dont want them to win, its time to do a steve
by god hates steve May 28, 2013