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A Mojo Massage is used to describe the massage technique that fuses a normal massage with an Erotic massage and Sensual massage. Whilst many people believe that the erotic massage and sensual massages are one and the same. They are in fact two totally different and the bringing of the two together gives a Mojo Massage which can tantalise all areas of your body.

The MOJO massage is subtle combination of 3 massages designed to take you from a position of being stressed before you start to one of complete relaxation at the end.
When interview she commented that one of the most important aspects of the MOJO massage was the products that are used during the massage as the effect of the massage needs the combination of waxes and oils.
The first part of the MOJO massage is a relaxing massage using Massage waxes to give a deeper and more relaxing massage Once the body is relaxed and more receptive to sensory stimulation the relaxation massage changes to a more sensual body to body massage using oils which aid sensitivity and heighten the experience, increasing the blood pressure and heart rate slightly and quickening breathing.
Once the body is totally aroused the sensual body to body massage becomes transformed into a slow lingam massage taken to the ultimate conclusion.
The massage is then finished off with an invigorating hot shower to remove all the oils. The MOJO massage takes one hour and what a great feeling it is complete satisfaction
"I am going to have a mojo massage tonight"
by Lululiu December 05, 2011
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