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When there are too many people in a confined space, all of whom have no idea what they are doing. When this happens in a nunnery, it's called a Cloister Fuck.
Any retail establishment on the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday) is a cluster fuck of the grandest proportions.
by Weehawk30 September 04, 2006
A completely unorganized gathering of people, usually involving a task that all the people must complete.
The baggabe claim at the airport was a cluster fuck; people had no clue where they were going.
by Pesticide 5 September 05, 2006
Also a series of minor or major mishaps leading to an almighty fuck-up
What with the failure of the goods being delivered on time, no-one knowing where to go and no-one who knew what to do anyway, the whole thing was a cluster fuck
by PaulF October 04, 2006
A situation or event that is screwed up on many levels. Could be external or something that happens to you. Term is derived from the military "Cluster Bomb", which helps explain the impact of a Cluster Fuck. For example, As it relates to America's global image,loss of life and treasure, just to name a few things, the Iraq War is a Cluster Fuck.
The U.S. conduct of the Iraq War is a Cluster Fuck.
by SammyPex August 01, 2007
being fucked over more than once
"hey bobby" said dave, did you hear what happened to eric. "Yea, not only did he get fucked by his wife, but he also lost his job. Man what a Cluster Fuck"
by David Butenko September 03, 2006

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