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When a person is really mad and or upset, and has a major attitude
You'd better no bother her, she has a case of the ass.
by Joseph Jane Greene January 20, 2004
137 41
when someone is so full of natural gas they can't stop flatulating.
DAMN! Bob, got a case of the ass?
by darkandra August 03, 2005
58 53
Someone really salty and angry about ANYTHING at the given moment.
That jerkoff gave me a case of the ass today!
by Vashydana July 26, 2009
6 4
After a burly night of drinking, wakeing up at 8am the next morning... the tast in your mouth is a case of the ass.
"I drank way too much last night and woke up this morning with a case of the ass!"
by Tracyrenne June 29, 2006
20 49