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A radio station in the Greater Houston area which opens weekday mornings with a retarded "Rollcall Yall" portion on the Matt Hadder Show before the good stuff (( R&B )) gets a chance to come on. Avoid it if you find the Rollcall song annoying; Go to it if you like R&B in the afternoon
Matt Hadder: "It's da roll call yall! It's the roll call yall! A B C D E F G. H I J K L-M-N-O-P. Q R S, and T U V. W X, and Y and Z. Next time won't you sing with me at 6:40.

Me: -Screaming at the radio- Shut the fucking hell up! I hate you, "97.9 The Box!"
by JabbaTiure December 05, 2009
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