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The general time period before September 11, 2001.
910 nostalgically refers to an era of imagined security, especially while travelling.

Replaces the overly long, awkward and overused phrase: "...before the events of September 11th..."
Airport security wasn't so intense 910, why do they make everybody take their shoes off?
by perzer December 20, 2005
5 11
Area code for Wilmington, NC. Wilmington is also commonly referred to as "the 910."
Man I just got into the 910. Leggo play ball at UNCW then hit downtown and tear some shit up tonight.
by PortCityPimpin March 29, 2011
14 9
One after 909.
nein! oh, nein!
by enjuneer November 13, 2003
14 22