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The general time period before September 11, 2001.
910 nostalgically refers to an era of imagined security, especially while travelling.

Replaces the overly long, awkward and overused phrase: "...before the events of September 11th..."
Airport security wasn't so intense 910, why do they make everybody take their shoes off?
by perzer December 20, 2005
6 11
Area code for Wilmington, NC. Wilmington is also commonly referred to as "the 910."
Man I just got into the 910. Leggo play ball at UNCW then hit downtown and tear some shit up tonight.
by PortCityPimpin March 29, 2011
14 10
One after 909.
nein! oh, nein!
by enjuneer November 13, 2003
14 22