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you're a 90's baby if you grew up in the 90's and remember them well
yo i don't flow for the money i already got that
punks gotta steal for money that's why they got gats
only punks i ever got down with were Bebop and Rocksteady
i'm a 90's baby but you knew this already
by Jza412 October 19, 2007
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A 90s baby is one who is born in the 90's (1990-1999). A 90's kid is one who is born in the 80's (1980-1989).
If you were born in 1980-1989, you are a 80's baby and 90's kid. If you were born in 1990-1999, you are a 90's baby and 00's kid.
by Daltzkijjn July 02, 2013

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