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81st Base -
You will need:-
10 cucumbers
10 fit girls
A bouncy castle
10 blindfolds
1 blind man (To stop him watching you and your ladies)
A can of whipped cream
A digital video recorder
A chicken sandwich

-All of the above are needed-

What you will need to do:-
Take the 10 girls onto the bouncy castle. Blind fold and undress them all and the position the blind man 2 feet away from the bouncy castle. Stick one cucumber up each of the girls vagina's. Get the blind man to count to three loudly and when he reaches three, any girls who don't like the feel of the cucumber must sit down. Take the remaining girls who are standing up and have sex with them on the bouncy castle, you may now remove the blind folds. After you are exhausted, sit down and make the girls who sat down make out with each other whilst you eat your sandwich. Once you finish your sandwich get the whole group together, excluding the other man and have sex for a whole week without stopping, pouring the whipped cream on the girls whilst filming it. Once you have done this you have reached 81st base.
Guy: 'Dude, I just reached 81st base!!'
Guy1: 'Seriously you must be a god!'
Guy: 'Yer, but my dick still hurts after the week of sex.'
by LeoJables2 June 18, 2011

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