Tha area code ovah in Ft.worth aka Murderworth Stand Up 817!
Im reppin' that 8-1-7..murderworth..rearrange tha numbers you get 1-8-7 BrrrrrrrrraAATTTT!
by Tha GoD December 08, 2004
Top Definition
Tha fo reals people holdin it down in tha DFW area.
Sup fool where you be from? 817! ALLREEADY!
817 is a smoking time for those who want out of the 420 craze. And 8+1+7=16 sooooooo 1+6=7 Lucky numbers for a stoner!
and just another time and excuse to blaze.
"hey man its 817!"

"Oh snap! Light 'er up!"
by Josef MunCheese March 01, 2010
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