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Derived from Sony Playstation Network crash on 1st March 2010 at the stroke of midnight due a date/clock glitch related to Feb 29/Mar 1, millions were left clueless at the time of the incidence without access to online console gaming for up to 24 hours, some early claims suggested unusual behaviour, widespread insanity, was common amongst players affected. Sources suggest even the late Adolf Hitler was hit by a 800150F (Source: YouTube Vid watch?v=hoENVnD3J8). Sony's overwhelming and very timely response had the worldwide issue resolved within 24hrs, much to the shock of all the xbox fanboys whose technical team take 2yrs to try to resolve a single isolated problem without success.
John: You dude log on to PSN, were gonna kick ass in modern warfare
Joseph: Yo i cant log on.... whats this 800150F ??
John: HAHA..... PWND SUCKER!!!
by yahya300785 March 01, 2010

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