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Have a bunch of friends hide in the closet or in the next room. Get a girl, while doing her doggy style take her hair in one big fist and have your friends jump in and start cheering. Try to maintain the grip for 8 seconds.
Mmmmh Eric thats nice... (friends run in the room) Hey Hey there ya go man YYEEAAHHH 8 second rodeo time, hahahaha. You fuckin ass hole Eric! YYEEHHAAA
by Eric Domes October 11, 2006
calling a girl by a different name while doing her doggy style, and trying to hold on for 8 seconds to release your load...
megan lets go and do doggy style you look so good in those pants. while in the act " oh my god carrie you feel so good" damn it 8 second rodeo here we go...
by rofaao August 15, 2008
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