a mean ass heavy metal band that originated for west auckland in new zealand . they have released 2 albums
"hate made me"
"season for assault"

hate made me tracklist ;

*before your suffering
*hate made me
*fuel set
*cock tease
*its all so real
*growen aggression
*stolen life
*kick it all away
*8 foot sativa
*invention 13

season for assult tracklist ;

*Whats Lost Is Tomorrow
*Escape From Reality
*For Religions To Suffer
*Destined To Be Dead
*Hatred Forever
*Season For Assault
*Chelsea Smile
*The Abused
*Hate Made Me
step up step up step up for sativa
step up step up for 8 foot sativa
by sam October 13, 2004
Top Definition
8 foot sativa is a kick ass metal band from new zealand. they are really cool.
"you heard the 8ft song destined to be dead? fuck it's the shit."
by charlie February 25, 2004
Coming from West Auckland, this band smashes out any competition. Currently touring with Dawn of Azazel and Frankenbok, the one tour you cannot miss if you're a true metal fan and come from New Zealand.
Just listen to their first album... The "Hate Made Me" album fucking owns.
by justjay April 22, 2005
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