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This is coming from a current 7th grader.

A lot of them give us a bad name. They can't spell, they think they can DATE in 7th grade (Some think they're in LOVE. How funny is that?), and their Myspaces are cluttered with Glitter Graphics. A LOT of the guys are immature. All they do is make sexual jokes and say "That's what she said." Some think they're emo. Some will be wanna-be scene kids next year. (Judging by all the 8th graders.)

I'm nothing like that. I'm in 7th grade, and I like George Michael and Tom Jones. I do not dress like a slut and I don't think I'm superior to anybody. I'm not obnoxious.

The rest are just normal 7th graders. You can't really write a definition for '7th grader' because they're all different.
This is a 7th grader's Facebook status. She's from my school.

"stayed up all night talkinn' to himm. he isz my liyyfe now (:"

Next day: (No, I'm serious, the NEXT day.)

"I'm tired of thisz bullshit! I'm single, and staying that way! (:"

The next week she had a new boyfriend, and she broke up with him a day later and called him a fag.
by No Jacket Required January 26, 2010
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A Lot of people older than people in seventh grade give 7th graders a bad reputation. I just got out of 7th grade and it is HELL. I do agree with a lot of definitions for this word, though. A lot of 7th graders DO start drama, and a lot of them do it on purpose. A lot of them ARE immature and make stupid sexual and sexist jokes. AND many of them think they are in love and can date. Obviously, as a recent seventh grader, many people in my class have dated people and I understand that sometimes you will find someone you want to date. That dosent mean your in love. Chances are, you two will be broken up within a couple days. These definitions dont go for all seventh graders though, because so of them are pretty cool. Its RARE though. (And yea, a lot of them are wannabe emos.) But I know I dont fit this definition, because I hate drama, and Im friends with a lot of people older than me who I dont think I annoy. Some 7th graders arent obsessed with Justin Bieber, etc. Some like all different types of music, Me, personally metal. There should be way more than one definition of a seventh grader, because not all of them are annoying, sexist pigs. (But a lot are.)
High Schooler: Hey, guess what? Seventh graders are annoying and immature, and are way too obsessed with trying to be emo!
7th Grader: Not all of them, some are pretty cool.
High Schooler: Nahh dont think so.
by MetallicaFor2011 August 09, 2011
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7th graders are in a world of their own. Their hormones are finally kicking in they don't know what to do with them. They spend endless hours texting messages that could have been said in one simple phone call. They DATE someone for a week and are devasted when they break up. They rarely bathe unless reminded, wear the same hoodie for the whole school year, do not feel the need to bring a pencil to class EVERYDAY!They try every way to wear their pants except the correct way...sagging, skinny....They are always enthralled in some type of drama especially the girls. Boys don't know that they stink enough after gym class that they need deodorant and the girls use their periods to go to the bathroom way more than they should. They know way more about sex and drugs than I did in the 80's! Its an interesting breed yet I wouldnt teach any other age group.
example: 7th graders are like aliens
by leximom15 December 19, 2011
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Really nice, sweet, funny, scary, interesting, people who can't get off of Urban Dictionary. They also tend to be really smart and good dancers and musicians.
I'm going to miss the 7th graders.
by Kimikiwiz June 19, 2011
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A student of the 7th grade. They are students after 6th grade and before 8th grade. 7th graders think they're much more mature then they were in 6th grade, and think they're more mature then any other grade. 7th graders think they're better than 8th graders and everyone older then them, but are actually not. Try to follow into the steps of immature 8th grader, only then crashing down in High School.
8th grader: That little 7th grader annoys the shit out of me!
by Jzjzjzjzjz May 30, 2008
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Young animals who enjoy irritating and bothering 8th graders. They constantly cause drama and get random people involved. They love assuming things and creating rumors.
8th grader #1: Dude, that 7th grader assumed I liked Allison and started a dumb rumor.

by 7thgraderhater March 26, 2010
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they think they are all cool and stuff but they are just getting how "babys are made" and as a resalt they make stuped, sexest jokes and have the resonig capabiltys of a brick and they frigin' bug the heck out of high schoolersand they cruse wenever posibal.
I am in 7th grade and I am not like that
1. I were lose-cut jeans (not skinnyjeans)
2. I hate (exepeped for Muse) any music made befor the '90s.
3. I care about my masculin aperence.
7th grader 1: I just lernd were babys come for!
7th grader 2: me too!
high schooler: SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!
by Duct tape pants October 21, 2010
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