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Bangin' a girl (or guy... -_-) in the ear.
Dustin: Yooo I just got to 7th base last night

Chris: Wtf???? She was an ear virgin bro

by Quad1House16 December 01, 2010
Is sex with the hole in the throat.
He had a hole in his throat from smoking. So you stuck it in his throat hole? yep, got to 7th base.
by brigon7 July 09, 2009
7th Base of sex: Open flesh wound...
(After 6th Base - Anal sex)
Got all the way to 7th base last night! Nearly passed out!!
by HellishDolphinRevenge November 11, 2012
Pick out the bum fluff from a women and shoving it up the womens/males butthole/vagina and then violently licking to get it out whilst being fingered in the japs eye by a nail
lol 7th base was sweet
by euan crawford wallace June 25, 2010
When you climb inside eachother from the 69er position.
Man, i totally got to 7th with her last night! all the way inside eachother!
by corvino June 09, 2005