Top Definition
A very sassy emoticon.

The “o” depicts a person’s head whereas the “7” represents a bent hand.

It’s most effectively used after a snarky or playful remark.
Omg, Ak looks so gay today. 7o
by Dropdeadfred<3 March 02, 2011
The "Drunk Salute". Accidentally invented in the MMORPG game EvE online by a group known as Brave Newbies when a drunk commander accidentally typed "7o" instead of "o7" (A salute in which the o represents a head and the 7 represents the arm and hand). It eventually stuck, and is now Brave Newbies' signature, and is used to taunt their foes.
Local Chat: (Brave Newbies Member)- 7o7o7o7o7o7o7o7o7o BRAVE IS RECRUITING!!! BE BRAVE! 7o
by Rex Mikakka January 27, 2016
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