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7 Cities or Seven Cities refer to the Hampton Roads region of Virginia, located in the state's extreme southeastern corner. Though there are several other counties and cities in the region, the name is derived from the 7 larger core cities that make it up; Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, and Virginia Beach.
We will be spending the weekend in the 7 Cities.
by D-Law202 June 02, 2006
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A tower defense strategy game for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

"yo did you try 7 Cities for your iPhone yet?"
by youngTURBO January 14, 2009
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A passing fad of that is a misnomer for the Hampton Roads region of southeastern Virginia, USA.

It is considered a misnomer because:
1) It does not identify the area in any concrete terms.

2) The name excludes a large portion of the metropolitan area in southeastern Virginia (Williamsburg, Poquoson, York County, Northeast North Carolina, Gloucester, Franklin, Smithfield, Isle of Wight)

3) It doesn't make any sense to say I live in the 7 cities. Really, you live in 7 different places.
You: Yo dude, lets hang in the 7 cities tonight!

Me: Man, that word is so 2000. I'm going to Norfolk.
by 757man September 08, 2010
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