Crooked nose

Your nose is crooked.
by french-toast August 18, 2011
The symbol of the worst hairsyle known to man as the mullet
Looking at your fucking mullet sideways looks like a god damn 7 made out of hair

Hey Fucktard how about you get rid of that 7?

I went to the baber shop and the sign read buzz cut six dollars and 7's seven dollars, what a rip off!
by Jerry Green July 18, 2007
It's The Tru7h. 'nuff said.
anything from frankie. frankie said it's so it's the tru7h
by james50000000 November 25, 2007
God'z lucky number. Some people call it their favorite number because it's God's lucky #
Who doesn't know 7 iz God's lucky number
by b iz brayzii August 07, 2005
The universal symbol for dyslexia. Oddly enough dyslexics have hard time spelling dyslexia. 7 was adopted as a means to state the condition without having to embarrass ones self by misspelling it.
"Excuse my errors, I have 7"
"7 is a reconized learning disability"
by Court_6X7_42 July 07, 2005
Game company Bungie's favorite number.
In the series of halo games there are 7 halo's.
by greeb December 11, 2006
A verbal middle finger.
person 1:"man, you really suck at bowling!"
person 2:"7"
by Alfredo January 23, 2005
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