One of the two big t-shirt ads on, the other being Features a guy who is marvelling at his printed t-shirt so much you may think he will masturbate over it also a soft-porn woman with a t-shirt half way up her torso and also (which i haven't seen yet) a homeless-looking guy who hasn't groomed his beard for months.
random guy 1-did you go on last night?

random guy 2- yep saw that 6dollarshirts ad with the girl who has a t-shirt rolled up to her boobs!

random guy 1- what did you think?

random guy 2- i wish she was my wife
Top Definition
One of the various t-shirt adds found on urbandictionary. This one however is particularly bad as it features a homeless looking man with a beard that hasn't been groomed in months. The only other add from this website is one of an ugly girl in a cheesy shirt and no bra.
Guy 1: Hey, another t-shirt add! Whats this one about...6dollarshirts?
Guy 2: Apparently theyre selling more crappy t-shirts and think they'll sell them if they show a homeless guy wearing them
Guy 1: Sooo...if i wear these shirts im gonna look homeless?
Guy 2: Pretty much
Guy 1: ...Lets buy some!
by chode smack February 02, 2009
Its apparently a new ad taking over and its retarted especially the smelly hobo scratching his pits.
Bill: So how bout dem 6DollarShirts..?
Bill #2: They suck.
by i hear u liek mudkipzz May 01, 2009
1. A T-shirt website.

2.One of the only ads on, that and "Bustedtees".
Daniel picked up his head and looked to the left a little bit. "Uh! Another T-Shirt ad on!" But this time it was different. The ad was poorly put together. Bad lighting, and a bad company name. "Ah!" Daniel yelled, "THe ad was for...!"
by Bugger54 January 28, 2009
a t-shirt company which has unusual captions on its t-shirts
one of the many 6dollarshirts ads on shows a girl in a provocative stance and the caption on the t-shirt says "I died of dysentery"
by Idiedofdysenterylol July 01, 2009
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