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A total douche bag troll who has dedicated his life to hating Oregon Sports. This loser claims to have a job, but unless you count cleaning between his mom's toes as a job, he is a liar. And, he is indeed, a liar also. 6BCS is also known as 6 tities and has countless other names he uses to get back to the Oregon board after being kicked off.
The consensus opinion is that 6 tities lives in his mother's basement when he has the courage to sleep without her. 6 tities also has a strange attaction to mullets and actually talked his mother into a mullet hair style, which she still wears.
The kicker in Pet Detective is most like 6BCS, living in mom's home and possessed with a singular thought relating to sports. Meanwhile, the kicker in Pet Detective is a better person as portrayed.
by Duck you October 21, 2011
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