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An emergency, in which you require immediate, simultaneous oral sex.
Alex: I had the shittiest day today. Geez, 6911!
by nicolenitrous March 29, 2009
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when two people are 69ing while being fucked in the ass bytwo other people resembling the wtc

my girlfriend and were bored last night so i called up my friend and told him to bring his girl over so we could rock a 69-11
by nealon April 22, 2007
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Sixtynine eleven is the described shape of a love making act between two men giving simultaneous felatio. Two men sixtynining, the eleven is from their penis'. A homosexual version of a sixty nine.
Billy: "What're those two naked guys doing over there? Wrestling around?"

Johnathon: "If they've got each others boners in their mouths, I think you'd call that a 6911!"
by gordtron December 08, 2012
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