when a guy or girl guy and guy or girl and girl lie on eachother and suck/loung eachother's genitals.
i want 2 have 69 with hot girl
by nickstaner August 31, 2006
A Midwestern Interstate that begins (depending on direction of travel) in Indianapolis, Indiana and heads northeast to Fort Wayne, Indiana, Lansing, Michigan and Flint, Michigan before it ends at Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. At present, its total length is just under 400 miles, but an extension down to Texas is in the works.
69 has no scenery whatsoever, unless you like flat cornfields.
by krock1dk December 08, 2007
Male licks the female's pussy
Female sucks the males dick
They did 69 with each other last night
by basdas March 18, 2010
A 69er interrupted by a period.
"Sex with my wife is terrible" said Harry "It was only last night we had another 69er"
by MrAnon June 11, 2005
69 with a midget
My abs are sore as hell now I was 6.9ing with that hot midget last night
by Alter-Alias May 14, 2011
The number that falls between 68 and 70 having absolutely no relation with anything sexual in any way.
John: Dude, me and Cindy totally 69'd last night!
Frank: You mean....
John: Yeah dude! We even took turns!
Frank: WHAAA?
John: Yeah, y'know. I say one, she says two.. AND SO ON! :D
Frank: ....Oh.... :D
by Dennis Westower April 30, 2011
A number that is the product of 3 and 23, two prime numbers. Fucking internet perverts.
Proffessor: The mathematical properties of the number 69, whilst limited, are uinfalingly fascinating.
Student: (raises hand) Yo, doc i got a question!
Proffessor: Yes good sir?
Student: Isn't 69 that freaky shit where she sucks your dick, and you eat her out at the same time?
Proffessor: It is not limited exclusively to heterosexuals. Dumbass.
by Mohammed's Yiddiskeit December 16, 2014
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