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647 is the newest GTA area code.
416 and 905 are still used but 647 is used for most cell phones too..
girl: yo whats ur digits again ?
boy: it's 647 855..
girl: whoa, where the hell do you live 647? that's strange man
by Sunshine44 May 31, 2005
The police code for a naked woman chasing cars or trucks in the street.

(note: This was also used in the George Lopez episode: George Can't Let Sleeping Mexicans Lie )
Police on radio: There's a 6 47 chasing a truck outside a bar. We need backup.

Police in car: I'm on it.
by Tanor Faux February 02, 2011
GAY - using numbers to represent letters - 6=G, 4=A, 7=Y
We found out he was 647 because he liked to take it up the 455
by Dan Whalley November 08, 2006

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