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In the 1960s, while lower class Americans and "rednecks" had to go to Vietnam and face war and death, their spoiled dilettante cousins back in America threw a party for themselves at everyone else's expense, and made believe that they were the cutting-edge of human achievement, while being rude to their elders, getting high on drugs, copulating and listening to noise that they called "music".

No one had the heart to break the news to them that while they were partying in the safety of their protective American playpen, there is a whole world out there where experience could have taught them to value their own civilization and its achievements (hint: modern medicine, vaccinations, industry, modern agriculture, etc.), and to be grateful for what they have.

Future generations will look at the 60s movement like we look at the orgies and excesses of ancient Rome (i.e. as the activities of a bunch of self indulgent dilettantes who had no idea about the value of anything).
The great double achievements of normalizing juvenile delinquency and single unwed mothers, is one of the proudest achievements of the 60s movement.
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by Johan Kalb March 22, 2010
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