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The most under rated diesel engine. It's a redesigned (BY GM NOT DETROIT!!!) 6.2 GM engine. Factory rated at 180 HP, most people think it's a pile. The PMD tends to fail in the 94+ electronic fuel pumps. However with a few mods it can be made very reliable and even put out some decent power. Its trash talked but some people have made it put out well over 300 HP on built motors which isn't bad for a truck that can be picked up for under 5 grand. It gets decent milage too, and they are very nice trucks.
Dude that truck is sweet but the 6.5 Diesel is a pile.
*truck starts*
Hey, that doesn't sound half bad
*Truck peels out and takes off with a huge huge smoke cloud*
Dude, was that really a 6.5?!
by FastCR July 27, 2008
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