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5 K
A variable of the term "outty 5000". As in you are leaving somewhere to do do something else. Not just leaving and coming back in an a minute or two, but gone for the rest of the day.
(Leaving your friends) Hey yo everybody, I'm 5 K up out this bitch.
by Kyle aka Special Kizzy May 24, 2006
Either five kilometers or five thousand. Impossible to tell which.
Steve:i'm runnin 5,000 tomorow.
Rob:5,000 of what?
Steve:I don't know, they just said I'd be running a "5k"
by T-Weezie August 07, 2008
Text slang for outie 5000.
i'm 5k, ttyl. OR this party sux, 5k.
by the real Alan Johnson July 07, 2008