Implying that 5-Ever is One More Than Forever (4Ever)
If Forever means till death/ 5 ever means through the Afterlife
Also Can be said as Fivever
Bro: Do you think that the sky ever stops?

Me: It seems to go on 5 Ever
by EthernalKid August 29, 2010
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4ever means 5ever is longer than 4ever.
Girl 1: Look, I bought you this top!
Girl 2: Wow thanks! Why did you buy me this?
Girl 1: Bbz...I had to buy it cos I love you 5ever!!

Girl: Harry Potter is my life 5ever
Boy: What is 5ever?!!
Girl: 5ever is longer than 4ever...duh!!!!
by Lovinglife5ever May 06, 2011

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