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The stupid area code they added in eastern Nebraska, along with the 402 area code that has been used for years. Since the addition of the (now) two area codes, many people have to dial the 10-digit phone number (on all phones, cell phones, etc) which ultimately frustrates the teens, young adults, and elders who have been used to just having the 402 area code only.
Barb (dialing on her home phone): "Hun, I'm trying to dial the vet clinic's phone number and it won't work! The recording told me I need to use the area code now?! Since when?? We don't need to use area code with our home phone, good riddance!"

Dan: "That's because they added a new area code and you have to use 531 before you dial the vet clinic's 7-digit number, duh."
by seadoopsycho007 April 21, 2011

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